The London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames and London Borough of Wandsworth have created a new single workforce, serving both boroughs. We have cemented our strong relationship by appointing a single top management team. However, this senior leadership role is specific to Wandsworth’s Children’s Services Directorate although you will be jointly employed by both Councils in the Shared Staffing Arrangement.

We are creating something extraordinary. We have made a commitment to work in partnership to deliver on our goals and aspirations with separate arrangements for our children’s services. Collectively we are one of the biggest staff group in London local government, and we will be able to retain quality, specialisms and expertise which are more sustainable in a larger organization.

We work in a uniquely stimulating political environment. The Leaders of Richmond and Wandsworth Councils have huge ambitions for their local areas. They are also at the cutting edge of policy development and are politically influential in London and nationally. Our staff are responsible for delivering on these big political aspirations, often in a very high profile context.

We are looking for people who really care about what they do.  We are ambitious for our staff and above all for our residents and service users. We are proud of the quality of services that both councils provide. We will seize the opportunity that working together provides to achieve even better outcomes for residents/service users, and even better opportunities for our people. 

We want to recruit the quality, specialisms and expertise which are more sustainable in a larger organisation. We are determined that the SSA will soon become a renowned organisation of choice for people to work in, retaining and attracting the best people, and developing the skills and expertise for the future. We have created an environment where there is opportunity for people to make changes, shape new ideas and develop their skills and careers. 

If you want to be at the forefront of forging change in local government, come and join us. Together we have the opportunity to help shape better places, with better quality of life and better opportunities for our residents, service users and our employees. 

Our Vision and Priorities

We are a single group of staff working to serve two areas and a single organisation with a common way of working.

Our Vision

Our fundamental vision is a focus on our residents. We both have a well evidenced history as excellent councils with peerless levels of resident satisfaction. It is essential that we maintain and improve the high standards the residents of both boroughs have become accustomed to.  We see the maintenance of specialisms and expertise as central to these high standards.  In the public sector today we need to focus relentlessly on outcomes and value for money.

Our Priorities

  • Maintaining high performance and building on the ‘best of both’ boroughs, in the context of reduced capacity
  • Continuing to develop services which focus on prevention and promote independence
  • Protection and support to the most vulnerable and those at risk
  • Ensuring residents receive ‘joined  up’ support  through strong partnership work, particularly with the NHS